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The Full Story


Skyhook is, and has always been a local, family owned business. We truly believe that the only way to make meaningful change in the world is to help others. When we succeed in that goal, we also help ourselves, and the business will thrive. When it does well, we can expand and help more people. Help us further this cycle, by joining the Skyhook family, and together we can impact even more lives.

Our Past

Skyhook Bouldering isn't just a climbing gym; it's the embodiment of a vision that began with Skyhook Ninja Fitness, our original venture that transformed a simple backyard dream into a thriving fitness community. Founded on the pillars of passion, perseverance, and a little bit of childhood whimsy, our journey started in a modest backyard setup, born from the imaginative minds and psychological expertise of our founders.

Our roots are deeply embedded in the belief that fitness and fun can coexist harmoniously, creating a space where people of all ages and abilities can challenge themselves and grow.

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Our Vision

With Skyhook Bouldering, we aim to broaden our reach, inviting adults in our community to explore the transformative power of climbing. Our goal is to inspire growth, not only physically but also mentally, and cultivate an inclusive space for both kids and adults alike.

Our Gym

Spanning nearly 10,000 square feet in the vibrant heart of SE PDX, Skyhook Bouldering promises an unparalleled climbing experience. Highlights include unique holds from Europe, way more volumes than any gym around here, a comprehensive fitness area, and an amazing space for people to hang out and build community.

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Our Future

Stay tuned for our Opening May 11th! We've got some exciting features under wraps that we can't wait to share. Celebratory events and exclusive pre-opening tours for our founding members are happening now!

We are thrilled to embark on this new adventure, made possible by your support, trust, and love. Join us on this journey, stay connected for updates, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Here's to new beginnings and our incredible Skyhook family.

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