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About Our Youth Programs

Skyhook’s youth programs are our foundational programming for youth climbers offered in 6-week and 12-week cycles. We cover footwork, core movement skills, vocabulary, and create a supportive environment to learn about climbing and make new friends. You may repeat this series as desired or progress into our team program. Registration is available online or in gym three weeks prior to the session start date. Athletes can join the program after it starts on a case-by-case basis. This program is appropriate for ages 6-18. Please reach out to with further questions.

Our first cycle of youth programs will begin on July 15th and end on August 22nd. Our minimum participant count for each program is four athletes. If we do not meet our minimum number of participants, then the program will be canceled the week before, and refunds or transfers to another offering will be given to all registered participants. 


Session Dates:

Monday 1:30p-3:00p and 3:30p-5:00p: 

July 15th

Juny 22nd

July 29th

August 5th

August 12th

August 19th


Thursday 1:30p-3:00p and 3:30p-5:00p: 

July 18th

July 25th

August 1st

August 8th

August 15th

August 22nd

What do you do in youth programs?

Youth Programs FAQ

How does my kid join one of these programs?

For our 6 and  12-week youth programs, registration is all it takes. You can register up to three weeks in advance for the next set of youth programs. 

How long do these programs last? 

Our youth programs are 12 weeks long. The team program occurs on an ongoing basis and is billed monthly. Athletes can take a break at any point in time with notice. Athletes are also welcome to repeat six and 12-week classes as many times as they desire. 

What kind of activities will my child do? What will they learn? 

Our youth programs are designed to teach children the foundations of climbing safety, ettiquette and build foundational techniques for climbing. Students will completes games and activities that teach them core skills, engage in fun drills that build strength and better movement quality, all while making friends and building community with their classmates. 

What should my child bring to class?

When attending practice, your child will need climbing shoes, whether their own or rented, chalk if they’d like to use it, a water bottle, snack, and a willingness to try hard and have fun! 

Refunds, Cancellations and Transfers

Refunds are offered on youth programs up to 72 hours before the start of the first day. We can not offer refunds after a program starts.  Transfers may be accommodated if there is space in the other class. For any refund, cancellation, or transfer requests, please reach out to

Missed Practices

Generally, missed practices can not be made up. If Skyhook must cancel practice, we will offer a makeup class or offer a refund for that day of class. For extenuating circumstances, please reach out to

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