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How to get Started at Skyhook Bouldering

Your First Visit

Welcome to Skyhook Bouldering! We are so excited you want to join our community and try us out. There are a couple of ways to get started, but the very first thing we will need is a completed waiver for all climbers and spectators. For your first visit, you'll need to visit us during our staffed hours. If you become a member, after your first visit, you have 24/7 access. All climbers must check in at the front desk. For first-time climbers, we will have rental shoes and chalk available. Additionally, should you get hungry or thirsty, we will have drinks and snacks available for purchase. For first-time climbers or those new to the sport, we recommend taking our Bouldering 101 class to gain more knowledge about climbing, falling, and safety. If you are returning after a break, Bouldering 102 is a great way to refresh your climbing technique. 

Fill Out a Waiver

Visit During Staffed Hours

Rent Gear

Take a Class

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