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Gym Rules and Etiquette

Skyhook Bouldering is committed to the health and safety of our members and guests. This means we have a few rules we ask everyone to follow. We also want to maintain a supportive community, where all feel welcome. 

Facility Rules

  • All climbers and spectators must have a waiver on file and check in with the front desk

  • No Running, Horseplaying, Tumbling or Roughhousing 

  • No pets in the facility. Only service animals are allowed in the facility. 

  • No climbing shoes in the restroom (no bare feet in the restroom)

  • No climbing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or other wheeled equipment is allowed in the gym

  • Report any spinning holds or other safety issues to the front desk staff immediately

  • All accidents and injuries must be reported to gym staff

  • No yelling or screaming

  • Be respectful and kind to your fellow climbers

  • Harassment and/or bullying will not be tolerated 

  • Staff have the right to enforce any additional rules if they feel the situation is unsafe. 

  • Climbing privileges may be revoked at any time.

  • Immediately report unsafe climbing practices to gym staff.

  • Always follow directions from gym staff. 

  • Failure to follow gym rules or staff instructions may result in a warning, session termination, or membership suspension, depending on the severity of the infraction

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Rules Concerning Minors

  • Children under the age of 16 may not be in the gym without adult supervision

  • Teens aged 16 and 17 may use the climbing facilities without adult supervision provided that a legal parent or guardian has completed and signed an additional consent form.

  • Climbers must be six-years-old or older.

  • Children under 16 are not allowed in the fitness area without coach supervision

Climbing Area Rules

  • No Loose Chalk

  • No Climbing with Headphones during staffed hours

  • Watch your surroundings at all times

  • Empty your pockets before climbing

  • If you can high five another climber, you are climbing too close together. The climber who was on the wall first remains on the wall and the other climber should climb down

  • Stay out of fall zones

  • Downclimb where possible

  • No topping out or standing on the bouldering wall

  • Climbers on the wall have the right of way

  • Watch fall zones and keep personal items out of the fall zones of other climbers

  • Do not walk under other climbers

  • Traversing is allowed, but climbers moving upward have the right of way

  • No street shoes on the climbing wall

  • Only climb as high as you feel comfortable falling

  • Food and drink are not allowed on the mat

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Fitness Area Rules

  • All weightlifting equipment should remain in the weightlifting area

  • Closed-toed shoes are required in the fitness area

  • Wipe down all fitness equipment after use with provided disinfectant wipes or sprays

  • Please do not slam, throw, or drop weights

  • Report any broken or malfunctioning equipment to gym staff

  • Use safety features such as safety clips on weight machines and safety bars on squat racks.

  • Keep the area around equipment clear of obstacles to prevent tripping or accidents.

  • No modifying of equipment or using it in a manner that could lead to damage or injury.

  • Only use equipment that you have proper knowledge of how to operate safely.

  • Seek assistance or guidance from gym staff if unsure about how to use a particular machine or equipment.

  • Avoid using equipment that exceeds your physical capabilities or could pose a risk of injury.

Climbing and Facility Etiquette

  • Don’t Beta Spray–Do not offer beta or advice without first obtaining consent. The only exceptions are when safety is involved. 

  • Be Respectful: Be respectful of others in language and interactions. Treat all fairly and with kindness regardless of age, race, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, marital status, ability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or any other status.

  • No screaming or yelling

  • Those who Brush, Crush–If someone brushes the holds of a climb, they are next to climb on that boulder

  • Take Turns–If multiple people are attempting the same boulder as you, everyone should take turns. This is especially true during busy times and when climbing new sets.

  • If you leave a tick mark, brush it before moving on to a new boulder

  • If someone falls on you, it’s your fault–Keep all belongings and body parts out of fall zones

  • No Collisions–Before climbing a boulder, look at the full boulder and ensure you aren’t climbing in the path of someone else

  • Climbing with headphones is permissible only during non-staffed hours, but ensure you stay aware of your surroundings. Have your music at a low enough volume that others can communicate with you about safety matters. 

  • If you move or shift a hold while climbing, report the spinner to gym staff immediately.

  • If someone is harassing or bullying you or another climber, alert gym staff immediately

  • Respect other’s psych–Don’t put others down for being excited, let folks have their celebrations as long as that celebration isn’t harming anyone.

  • Be kind to all, always. 

  • Climbers climbing up on a set route have the right of way over climbers traversing across the wall. 

  • Encourage Positivity: Allow others to celebrate their achievements without negativity. Support and uplift fellow climbers.

  • No Wobblers–While being frustrated is okay, don’t throw a wobbler (tantrum). 

  • Be Friendly, Not Creepy–Avoid making comments about people’s bodies or offering unsolicited advice or opinions. Say hello, offer a fist bump, high five, or even a “Nice Send!”

  • Impact is not always intent: Understand the impact of your actions, even if that impact was not your intent

  • Approach Considerately: When approaching someone to start a conversation, keep a respectful distance, especially if they are preparing for a climb or resting after one.

  • Photography and Recording: Ask for consent before taking photos or recording videos, especially if the person is in the background or the focus of your activity.

  • Polite Interruptions: If you need to get someone’s attention, wait for a natural break in their activity or conversation. Use a polite gesture or a soft verbal cue.

  • Accepting No: If someone declines an interaction or appears uninterested in chatting, respect their decision without insistence. 

  • Leave Space: When setting up to climb, ensure you’re not too close to another climber’s route to avoid accidental contact.

  • Respecting Boundaries: Recognize and respect verbal and non-verbal cues indicating someone's comfort level with proximity and interaction.

  • Share Common Areas: Don’t monopolize areas such as wall space, community areas, equipment, etc.. Be mindful and allow space for others to use these resources.

  • Personal Equipment: Keep your personal items organized and contained within your personal area to allow space for others.

  • Address Issues Politely: If you encounter a situation where your personal space is invaded or your preferences are not being respected, address the issue politely with the person involved.

  • Seek Mediation: If self-resolution is not possible, seek help from gym staff to mediate and resolve the situation appropriately.

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